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Repair Tools PX-8928 7-in-1 Screwdriver Set - Red

Product name/model: PX - 8928 7 in1 with a screwdriver Properties and characteristics: apple computers and laptops, tablet, Iphone apply import special steel quality, durable. Material: plastic/metal

Repair Tools 786 Screwdriver Set - Multi-color

Product name/model: 786 set Properties and features: The inventory color: color mixture Inventory status: enough At least minimum quantity: there is no limit SKU: 786 Embedded parts: screw plate pry

Repair Tools 5099 Repairing Tool Screwdriver Kit (Mixed Color)

Properties and characteristics: Material: plastic + metal environmental protection; The inventory color: color mixture; Inventory status: enough; At least minimum quantity: there is no limit SKU:

Repair Tools 3689 Disassembly Tool Set - Mixed Color

Product description:Attributes and characteristics: suitable for iPhone 4-5 s series productsMaterial: plastic + metal environmental protectionThe inventory color: color mixtureInventory status:

Repair Tools SW-306 Craft Knife Tool - Silver

The product description Features: 1. Suitable for use all types of metal, wood, bone, ivory, fruit. Used by carving, stone setter, a dropped ball, jewelry and watches. 2. Can replace the blade 3.

Repair Tools 0527 36-in-1 Multi-function Maintenance Tool Set

Product name/model: 0527 36 in1 multi-function maintenance tools Material: metal Properties/characteristic: the cellular phone repair tools. Apply to electronic products such as toys, mobile phone,

Repair Tools ST-15 Professional Super High Strength Tweezers - Silver

Properties and characteristics: tweezers use SUS304 steel, HRC hardness test for 30, tweezers sandblasting surface treatment technology, the thickness of the tweezers is 0.9 mm, anti-static. Adopt

Repair Tools 6097C 45-in-1 Multi-purpose Screwdriver Set - Yellow

Product name/model: JF - 6097 - c combination tool Material: plastic environmental protection Attributes/features: combination suit maintenance tool is suitable for small electronic products, small

Repair Tools 8238 Precision Screwdriver Kit

8238 precision screwdriver (suit) Material: ABS plastic/metal environmental protection Properties and features: Color: orange Inventory status: is there a inventory At least minimum quantity: there

Repair Tools 8809C 10-in-1 Precision Multi-function Screwdriver Set - Black

8809 c in 10-1 the precision multifunctional screwdriver screwdriver (suit) Product parameters: T5 T6 T7 has T8 PH0 PH1 PH2-2.0 Y3.0 General Model 8809C Material metal Form

Repair Tools 8805 Multifunctional Precision Phone Repair Tool Set - Silver

8805 mobile multifunctional precision tool sets Most of the new mobile phone model. Such as IPHONE/LG/Samsung, SONY, etc The inventory color:  silver Inventory status: enough At least minimum

Repair Tools Jm-6092b 58-in-1 Portable Multi-function Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Set

Jm - 6092 - b 58 1 portable multifunctional magnetic screwdriver bit set multifunctional hand tools Characteristics of the product description: This tool is used to repair mobile phones, hard drives

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