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Hardware Cooling Gears Mini Vacuum USB Air Extracting Cooling Fan Cooler - Black

Compact, stylish, innovative design. Allows faster extraction of the hot air out of a running system, which stabilizes the operation of the NB and prolongs its lifetime. Universal clip for fastening

Hardware Cooling Gears PC Case 120mm 4-LED Chassis Fan

The PC Chassis cooling fan is specifically to provide fresh cool air to computer to keep it cool and maximize its life. The cooling fan gives maximum volume air flow with low noise. There are 4-LED

Hardware Cooling Gears Aluminum Alloy Chipset Heatsinks for PC Memory Chips (8-HSK Set)

The aluminum alloy chipset Heatsink is great for high performance or over clocked systems. The cooler chipset dissipates the memory clips heat to improve its performance. The universal size fits on

Hardware Cooling Gears Professional Thermal Heat-Sink Compound with Injection Tube - 1.0g (10-Pack)

When you're making computer repairs or constructing your own custom systems, managing the temperature of the CPU is of the utmost importance. By using the Professional Thermal Heat Sink

Hardware Cooling Gears Expension Slot Chassis Cooling Fan

Dimensions: 4.72 in x 4.33 in x 0.87 inWeight: 4.52 oz

Hardware Cooling Gears RHS-03 Copper Memory Heatsink Pads - Copper (8 PCS)

Model RHS-03 Color Copper Quantity 8 Material Copper Application Suitable all most of chipset; Good companion for high-power LAN routing relay graphics Others Fin edges polished smooth, cooling

Hardware Cooling Gears AMD CPU Fan Bracket Base for AM2 940 Socket - Black

Model N/A Color Black Material Plastic Size 11 x 8 x 2.5cm Application Replace your broken heatsink mounting bracket of your motherboard Other Suitable for AMD AM2 Socket 940 Packing List 1 x

Hardware Cooling Gears Stars Stars-612 Injection Style CPU / GPU Thermal Paste Grease - Golden + White + Red

Brand Stars Model Stars-612 Color Golden + white + red Quantity 1 Material ABS housing Application For CPU, GPU thermal Others Evaporation:

Hardware Cooling Gears 3-Pin Computer PC Case Cooling Cooler Fan (4 x 4cm)

Model N/A Color Black Material Plastic Size 4 x 4 x 1cm Application Computer PC Case Cooling Cooler Fan Other Voltage: DC 12V; Connector: 3-Pin power; Cable length: 20cm Packing List 1 x Fan

Hardware Cooling Gears DIY Silicone Thermal Pad Heat Conduct Mat for Heat Sink - Grey (400mm x 200mm x 1mm)

- Model: MC-0.5T- Color: Grey- Material: Silicone- Thermal conductivity: 1.2W/m.K- EU ROHS standard- Great heat sink solution for CPU, RAM memory card, Host Bridge, graphics card, etc.

Hardware Cooling Gears Akasa AK-FN059 Viper 120mm 4-Pin PWM 9-Blade Cooling Heatsink Fan for Computer - Yellow + Black

- Brand: Akasa - Model: AK-FN059- Color: Yellow + black- Material: Plastic- Size: 120 ×120 × 25mm- Speed: 600~1900 RPM- Max Airflow: 86.63 CFM- Max Static Air Pressure: 2.98 mm H2O - Noise:

Hardware Cooling Gears 3 Pin Brushless Computer PC Case Cooling Cooler Fan (7 x 7cm)

Model N/A Color Black Material Plastic Size 7 x 7 x 1.4cm Application Computer PC Case Cooling Cooler Fan Other Voltage: DC 12V; Connector: 3-Pin; Cable length: 18cm Packing List 1 x Fan

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